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Two Brothers Are Making Progress on Slowing Climate Change

With rebuilt air conditioners on every home exterior, brothers aim to slow global warming

SIMI VALLEY, CA – Mike and Mark Timms live in southern California and appreciate the devastating impact that climate change can have on the earth. They have been committed to rebuilding residential and commercial air conditioners and placing them on the exterior of their neighbors' homes.

The brothers agree that there are challenges with their cause since they don’t have the permission of their neighbors. One big issue is power. The brothers have become pretty efficient with tapping into each homes electrical power to maintain the running of the air conditioners. Another danger they face on a daily basis is dogs in yards.

Over the last three months, Mike and Mark have been able to rebuild and install 23 units in their neighborhood block. They realize it’s hard work but find success in the fact it is 2 degrees cooler near their home than 2 blocks away.

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