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Musk Adds WaPo to Amazon Cart

Musk Seeks WaPo and Other Media Firms to Promote Free Speech

SEATTLE, WA – With his recent acquisition of Twitter, Elon Musk is pursuing a shopping spree to allocate additional media resources that will enhance his thirst for free speech. The most recent target of his interest in The Washington Post, which is owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Since the announcement of Musk’s Twitter acquisition, he has faced constant criticism from both Bezos and editorials from his media outlet The Washington Post.

According to sources close to Musk, a Tesla janitor, Elon has decided to purchase Amazon first so he can use it as a distraction and then use the controlling interest to make Tesla the only advertisement placed on Amazon as well as the entire Washington Post paper and online media.

Additional media outlets Musk is seeking to purchase and convert include:

CNN and rebrand ENN to focus solely on the Elon’s Tesla News

FOX News and rebrand SOX News to cover SpaceX Orbiting News

MSNBC and rebrand Musk’s Solar News Broadcasting Company

New York Times and burn to the ground

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